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There are a great many myths and misconceptions about the techniques and technologies that play a part in eavesdropping devices, otherwise known as 'bugs.'

Now, more than ever, a lot of companies are getting rich selling devices that purport to locate eavesdropping devices. Part of the problem is that there are a large number of ways for the eavesdropping to be taking place and subsequently, there is no one instrument that will detect all types of devices. Another part of the problem is that the detection instrument is only as good as the skills of the person using it.

Case in point: RF Detectors. These devices are designed to detect radio frequency signals and are among the more popular 'bug sweep' devices on the consumer market. While these instruments will pick up certain types of signals, the user must keep in mind that virtually EVERY electronic device, from a coffee maker to a plasma television to a home computer, will emit radio frequency signals. There's even a warning label on the devices that say so.

Similarly, EMF detectors will pick up 'signals' from electrical junction boxes and copper tubing contained within the sheetrock of your home's walls. There are even groups of people who believe that RF detectors are an essential tool that aids in finding ghosts. That's right: Ghosts. As in the disembodied spirits of people who are no longer alive. Needless to say, many "Spy" stores and ghost busters do a brisk business selling and advertising these devices.

The fact is, in order to conduct a comprehensive, thorough search of a home or business for eavesdropping devices, an investigator employs many different tools to locate and eliminate the bugs, as no two environments or eavesdropping situations are alike.

If you have a serious concern regarding the privacy of your home or business, have an industry professional do the job right the first time.

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