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A private investigator may conjure images of Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass relentlessly putting clues together but today a great "private eye" must also have the latest in covert surveillance technology, navigate the Internet and social media Websites undetected, and be willing to leave no stone unturned.

For over twenty years, our clients have included attorneys, insurance professionals, and individuals who have relied on our vast resources and expertise to find sensitive material or footage.

Managing Owner Christopher Miller Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller (CA License #17694, OR License #45842, and WA License #2912) has been a private investigator for over twenty-three years. Since 1990, Chris has personally conducted numerous surveillance, statement, and background investigations. Since taking over management of a detective agency in 1993, he has directly managed over 15,000 investigations. His skill and creativity have solidified him as an industry leader.

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Paul Netto

Surveillance Associate

Paul (License #21821) began his investigative career in 1988 as a supervisor with Pacific Security and Investigations. A short time later, Paul became a sworn peace officer, working in the Parks Department for the city of Santa Cruz. In 1990, Paul began his career as a full-time surveillance investigator, working with Christopher Miller at a large investigative firm. Paul is known for never blowing his cover and has an exceptionally high success rate for catching claimants in the act. Paul and his team have provided hundreds of hours of expert testimony for clients in the courtroom.




At Ironclad Investigations, Chris and Paul personally oversee a dedicated and thorough team; investigations are conducted with our trained professionals, not outsourced to unskilled operators.

With investigators throughout California, investigations are conducted quickly producing immediate results, providing our clients ease of mind and able to make decisions based on fact, rather than suspicion.

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Regardless of your investigative needs, with Ironclad, you can be assured that they will be met with swiftness and confidentiality.

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